May 11, 2020

Dear Valued iNetVu® Customer,

C-COM is proud to announce the latest software and firmware release for its 7700 series controllers. This highly recommended upgrade is for all users with our 7710/7720 Controller. Some of the new features are listed below. A full list can be found in the Release Notes. This Software and the complete Release Notes can be obtained by contacting support with the appropriate product serial number.

  • New Supported Platforms:
    Added Fly-away A0746A version 1.x (LEO Tracking platform).
    Added A1206B platform version 2.x.
    Added Fly-away A1806C/D/E version 2.x
  • LEO Tracking:
    Added capabilities to track LEO Satellites. The searching range on azimuth is extended to ±360 degrees for the A0746A(Fly-74G) Flyaway when used for LEO Tracking.

Newly Supported Modems or Features:

  • iDirect:
    IQ200 modem supported via OpenAMIP interface.
    Fixed auto beam switching issue where the wrong beam color is selected.
    Fixed install mode issues with latest Modem FW.
  • STOW Routine
    Improved stow routine when antenna reaches mechanical limit.
  • Inclined mode
    Exit operation function added for Inclined Satellite mode to controller front panel.

Thank you for being a C-COM customer – we look forward to working with you and your team to provide effective and timely support for your iNetVu® systems.

C-COM Support Service
613-745-4110 Opt. 3
[email protected]