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Custom Integrations For VSAT Antenna

  • 6W BUC or less
  • C-COM can integrate BUCs & LNBs onto your iNetVu® vsat antenna as you see fit.
  • 8W BUC or greater
  • C-COM can integrate your larger BUC onto any iNetVu® vsat antenna system that you need with the appropriate cabling and connector requirements. Your larger amplifier will require the use of our iNetVu® Powersmart (link) product which is included in all larger BUC integrations.
  • For all custom integrations, please see the ‘Matrix’ (link) and check Maximum BUC Dimensions allowed on the antenna to ensure that your BUC fits.
  • If you need C-COM to recommend a solution, our Custom Order Group can do so. We have excellent relationships with all BUC/LNB manufacturers including Agilis, Wavestream, Terrasat, Mitec, Actox, IRT, Comtech, Xicom, Norsat, NJRC, and others.


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Custom Integrations For VSAT Antenna

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