iNetVu® Photos

The iNetVu® mobile antenna, manufactured by C-COM Satellite Systems, has been deployed worldwide in a large number of applications.

NASA, South African Police, Australian bookmobiles, Kenyan safari vehicles, Argentinean Government Agencies, Oil & Gas exploration trailers, Global Militaries, and MANY others, all count on our motorized auto-deploy systems to deliver SATCOM with just the push of a button.

The iNetVu® antenna systems are robust and reliable; they can be found in the furthest reaches of China and Siberia, in the deserts of Africa and Saudi Arabia, as well as in the most Northern parts of Canada and Europe.

If you need remote broadband for telemedicine, disaster recovery, mining, broadcast / SNG, emergency response, or any other application where terrestrial infrastructure is lacking or non-existant, C-COM has your Internet solution.

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