December 06, 2019

Dear Valued iNetVu® Customer,

C-COM is proud to announce the latest software and firmware release for its 7000 series controllers. This highly recommended upgrade is for all users with our 7000/7024 Controllers. Some of the new features are listed below. A full list can be found in the Release Notes.

Newly Supported Modems or Features:

  • Added Read Carrier From Modem option for HN_JT (Hughes Jupiter) service. Enabling this option will automatically configure the Satellite Parameters and DVB Settings as read from the modem. The satellite search will be based on these read parameters.
  • Romantis/Eastar service integrated to support OpenAMIP interface.
  • Added 980+ (987C) version 4.0 support. This antenna supports NAV CANbus compass.
  • Added support for FMA-120Ka (A0125A) version 2.0 antenna that is equipped with ETRIA.
  • Added support for FMA-120 version 2.0 antenna, Polarization motor has been upgraded and now uses 24VDC instead of 12VDC.
  • Added support for 5W Ka Transceiver, Model DRC3500, via COM Port Interface. It requires a special M&C cable to provide power and allow for electronic polarization switching over serial port.

This Software and the complete Release Notes can be obtained by contacting support with the appropriate product serial number.

Thank you for being a C-COM customer – we look forward to working with you and your team to provide effective and timely support for your iNetVu® systems.

C-COM Support Service
613-745-4110 Opt. 3
[email protected]