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Important Note For Some Legacy Platforms

April 29, 2015

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Products Affected:
1200, 980 Version 4.x +

Production Note:
In a continuing effort to improve the performance of our drive-away auto deploy antenna C-COM has made some hardware improvements. The Elevation Sensor (Inclinometer) has been upgraded to a Tilt Sensor.

Incorrect elevation angle readings.


  • iNetVu® 7000 Controller must be running version
  • Ensure proper Platform Type, Serial No. and Version is entered. This can be found on the product label next to the connector plate.
  • Ensure the Elevation Speed and Limits are as follows

Offset: 17.0
Slow Speed: 6
Low Platform Current: 7.0


Offset: 6.0
Slow Speed: 4
Low Platform Current: 7.0


Please contact C-COM Support for additional information.

C-COM Support Services
613-745-4110 Ex 5386